Zhelensky resumed military conquests, planting and rail connections

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky, today highlighted the “significant” victories against the Russian military, although he acknowledged the “very difficult” situation in the south and east, and announced a nationwide planting campaign and re-established some railways. Links.

“The victories of our armed forces on the battlefield are really significant.

“The first priority is to speed up the peace,” he said, stressing that the war, triggered by the Russian invasion on February 24, would not end until Ukraine received more weapons and financial assistance to defend itself.

He stressed that the war would end “once the democratic world realizes that the oil embargo against Russia and the total blockade of its banking sector are necessary steps towards peace.”

“The Ukrainian armed forces” are doing wonderfully. Stopping the invaders’ attacks. They are conducting counter-attacks. They have already made extensive use of Russian conventional air traffic, in the truest sense of the word, they are compelled to use it. Long-range strategic aircraft, “he said.

However, he acknowledged that the situation in the south and east of the country was “still very difficult” and there was no talk of a recovery.

In the occupied districts of Kherson and Zaporizhia provinces, the Russian military “continues to intimidate civilians”, he condemned.

Zelensky added that “the brutality with which Russian troops are trying to capture the Azov region, the Donbass and Kharkiv eliminates the small possibility of these territories and these peoples having” contacts “with Russia at some point in the future.

The president said he had held talks with Russia today with all top military commanders, the interior minister and the head of his delegation to discuss the besieged city of Mariupol. All we can do is save our people. “

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In this regard, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Oleksandr Motuzianyk, said that “fierce fighting continues” and that the invaders will not be able to completely capture the city.

“The situation in Mariupol is difficult and fighting continues. The Russian army continues to deploy additional units to attack the city.

Zelensky also said he had discussed with his government ministers how to resolve the emergency economic problems that arose during the martial law imposed after the Russian invasion.

He stressed that four-fifths of all Ukrainian companies have already returned to work in the safe area, especially as heavy industry and transport networks are being restructured.

In that situation, “no matter what happens, it is necessary to maximize the recovery of the economy in all cities, in all communities free from occupiers and hostilities.”

The President said that the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food had announced that the planting campaign would be launched in all regions, including Luhansk and Donetsk.

He announced that the restoration of roads and railways had begun, and that the rail link with Chernihiv and Nizhny Novgorod would be restored from this Saturday, and that trains were already running between cities in the Sumi region.

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