You are Consuming Plastic: A New Study in Australia Reveals

Consuming Plastic

Your new meal spread may include proteins, carbs, vitamins and some plastic! Yes, you read it right. Unbeknownst to you, you are consuming plastic. A new study found, that Australians are ingesting plastic equivalent to a credit card every week.

These are times when pollution is attacking us from all sides, most of it created and sustained by us. This new, plastic consumption problem stems out of another longstanding one; ocean pollution. The study published recently was undertaken by the University of Newcastle for the global environment conservation group, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Plastic intake comes through drinking; tap and bottled water, fish products, salt and beer.

The study shows, that every Australian consumes about 2000 pieces of plastic every week, which is 21 grams each month and 250 grams a year. An accumulated data from 50 different studies over years of research reveals these figures. An unexpected, unforeseen threat now lingers at the horizon as the repercussion of this is still cannot be projected. But if the effect of plastic on nature is anything to go by, then what we see in the future looks pretty bleak.

Different organizations, conservation communities and governances must ideally join hands to accomplish this. Industries must conform to ethical codes and practices. A stringent ban on plastic bags and microbeads, that are found in a number of common products. Ocean conservation is the foremost in this endeavor. An estimated eight million tons of plastic is thrown in oceans every year.