Sorry Nutritional State of Aged Care Centers in Australia

Nearly a quarter of Australian’s population will be aged 65 or older by 2050, which also means we will constantly need good ages care centers and ensure these senior citizens are in want for nothing at the twilight of their lives. In this regard the care providers have been found inept as per a new study.

In a study undertaken by Dr. Sandra Luliano, University of Melbourne, she found that the aged care center services in Australia need to be amped up to bring it to certain standards as they are largely contributing to increasing cases of malnutrition found in the aged. Aged care facilities were serving inadequate quantities of proteins to senior citizens in order to bring their costs down. This alarming knowledge opened an enquiry in the living conditions of the country’s facilities. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is now rolling out across Australia.

The research studied 21 aged care facilities across the country and found that 68% of the seniors residing were malnourished. Their food served at these facilities, constituted one portion of needed protein intake as opposed to the two portions recommended.

The study further concluded that such a practice cannot be compensated for by adding another nutrient or dish. Changes needed to be made to the way food was being served in entirety. To counter this, and bring their nutrition levels up, the research put together a team of nurses, dieticians and researchers to complete a two- year project in 60 residential aged care facilities in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria, involving nearly 4000 older adults.

The team worked with service providers to improve menus, introducing a revamped assortment that is more inline with nutritional recommendations and their needs. The research team awaits the Royal Commissions recommendations and insights, to further take action for improvement in the life quality and health of aged care centers.