Rio Tinto initiative to focus on developing digital skills

Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is set to work with leaders in Australia to understand the education and innovation sectors which are the new disruptive approach to tackle the skills gap, faced by the majority of Australia’s workforce.

The company is planning to invest $10 million in a four-year national program at school-age beginners that will fast-track the development of skills needed for the digital future, including critical thinking, problem-solving, automation, systems design, and data analytics. The program will crowd-source and fund thoughts from start-ups and schools.

Designed to prepare young Australians for work of the future, the initial phase of the program will classify current EdTech project aiming at enhancing upcoming skills, which can be scaled-up quickly for the use of students, teachers and parents.

Burning Glass, an employ analytics firm, has told there is a shortage of movable, broad-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s (STEM) skills, such as systems analysis and programming, and broader expertise, such as communication and problem solving, needed for the digital revolution.

In 2020, startups selected for the program will each receive a grant from Rio Tinto, as well as training and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs. Australians have the skills to succeed in a tech-driven world.

We need to prepare young people for these variations to ensure the increasing digitization of the workplace there is basic digital literacy among all workers.