Retail Shopping Experiences Changing in Australia and Mobile Devices Play a Vital Role

Retail Shopping Experiences

Mobiles phones are personalizing and transforming a consumer’s retail experience according to a report published recently.

The report studies consumer behavior by understanding their shopping pre culture and follow up. Consumers were found to be fishing and getting used to the product first online, which then led to buying physically from the store.

As per this survey, In Australia more than 65% of online circulation is created by access through mobile phones with 54% transactions culminating on the phones. What consumers seek, when they begin their engagement with a product, is a brand connection, which then encourages them to buy it online or the physical store. The insights are based on data from 500 million real shopper journeys during a monthly basis. The report calls mobile phones, the digital glue that holds the consumer’s shopping experience together, canvasing the journey from viewing, selecting and then finally buying.

The report also further examined, consumer experiences when surfing online. They seek a personal connect and feel detached. Consumers in Australia feel disconnected from the retail experience online and want more familiarity. They also seek attention and personalized experiences. More than 60% feel that the retailers they come across online, do not understand or provide services as per their particular preferences.

Consumers also seek novelty and some inventive methods to allure them to the cart and exit with happy shopping. Even for the movement from selection on mobile devices fruiting into shopping adventure at the physical outlet of the store, consumers crave a taste pf customization and newness.

The report concludes that retailers are now facing more challenges than ever. There needs to be shift from a product centric approach to a more consumer centric one.