Renewable Energy on the Rise- Australian States Galloping to their Target

Energy conservation and renewable energy

Energy conservation and renewable energy projects are on their way to employing about 22,000 workers, while new projects required to meet the states’ long-term targets would create another 32,000 construction jobs in Australia.

Australia has a ten-year leash period to achieve its renewable energy target designated to each state. The federal government has taken a back seat, introducing core policies that govern the renewable energy industry. It is the state government that now has complete autonomy to fall in line with the zero emission from electricity generation.

The state wise targets, are being met, with each individual state attempting to fully utilize its energy potential by introducing projects. Victoria’s energy target is almost at the finishing line, with 40 per cent of power generation coming from renewables by 2025 and within striking distance of its 2030 target for 50 per cent renewables. Another 2,000 megawatts of capacity will be powered from new projects that are in the pipeline. The Green Energy Markets (GEM) research found that while Victoria and South Australia are in reach of their targets, New South Wales and Queensland may be a little behind in their bid to attain renewable energy.

South Australia (SA) has yet to reach its full potential. More than half of its power came from renewable energy resources, last year, this year, the 100 % target may be achieved with higher goals of renewable energy equal to about three-quarters of its consumption by 2030 which is around 1300MW less for the 100 cap.

South Wales will need the growth to be around 46 % for the consumption to be 100% by 2030. What it requires to meet its goal is another 5,000MW of new renewable energy projects. Queensland needs 4,500MW of projects.