Random Audits by Federal Government to Ensure Fair Retail Practice

Now the Australian Federal Government is ensuring you don’t get cheated out of what you paid for.

Last year, audited businesses were found to be resorting to unscrupulous practices. They were caught taunting measuring guidelines set up by the federal government.  More than 30 licensed premises were giving lesser liquor than was paid for. And supermarkets were cutting down on prepackaged meat, claiming the 1kg tag. 50 fines of total worth $65,250 were issued between 2017 and 2018.

In something akin to an undercover- covert operation, the federal government will launch a crackdown of pubs, supermarkets and butchers to better monitor the existing practices. It seeks to guarantee that consumers get the worth equivalent to their expenditure. A bunch of officials dressed as customers will spread across these locations carefully scrutinizing the works.

These random audits have been announced in public interest. More than 2000 businesses have come under the direct scrutiny of the government. The audit will be run by the National Measurement Institute, with fines ranging from $1000 or a warning up to $210,000.

Federal Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews said many businesses were caught red handed. “You’re taking at face value what’s written on the label, so if it says 1kg it needs to be 1kg. There is an obligation for supermarkets and other retail outlets to make sure their measuring equipment, whether by scale or volume, is accurate.” She said.

This is a pre warning announcement so retailers and businesses straighten up and avoid any foul and unethical practices lest they risk coming in the eye of the storm.