Provenir’s On Farm Red Meat Processing to Change the Meat Industry

Farm Red Meat Processing

Crowdfunding campaigns have become decidedly popular among people and businesses. Individuals and groups, go on these medias and present their cause/ proposal and ask for the viewers to contribute to their plan and vision. This has proven to be an excellent investment strategy in recent times. Also, your label or idea should fall in line with public welfare, greater good or ground breaking. Provenir Pty Ltd, a meat disruptor developed a mobile slaughtering unite for usage on the farm.  A campaign for crowdfunding was launched 2 weeks ago. The target has already exceeded expectations and has more than 160 supporters now pledging to secure the pre-sale of Provenir’s on-farm processed Meat Packs.

Provenir is planning to stretch its crowdfunding goal, to offer additional pre- sale of the company’s highest welfare beef. With the launch of mobile slaughtering units, Provenir will be a game changer in the meat industry. Meat has always been processed in static abattoirs. The livestock is transported to these places. The livestock is known to be at risk and evident damages are incurred in transit. Usually this also affects the quality of the meat purchased.  With this innovation by Provenir, the units will come to the farm for processing.

The extended crowdfunding will finance Provenir’s MPU (Mobile Processing Unit). The new target of $120,000 will mean over 360 households will receive Provenir’s Meat Packs. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide farm processed red meat across Australia with multiple MPUs operating.

Jayne Newgreen, CMO and co-founder of Provenir, said, “We understand that for today’s consumer, knowing the provenance of their food, how it was produced, and whether it meets their personal values, is imperative to their purchasing decision.”