New ASIO Chief to Strengthen Australian Surveillance and Security Threat

Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO)
Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO)

The Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), are now under the leadership, of Australia’s ultimate electronic intelligence warrior.

1,900 agents of the ASIO will now be directed by the spohisticated and expert guidance of Mike Burgess. Part of an equally alert taskforce in ASD, the chief now will be monitering direct threats to Australian Security, not confined to cybersecurity.

ASIO commands an annual budget of more than $500 million, follows more than 14,000 counter-terrorism leads a year, has disrupted at least 14 plotted attacks since 2014 and gives advice on 5,500 would-be visitors to Australia who could pose national security concerns.

ASIO is no stranger to cybersecurity threats. The agency used the most sophisticated and advanced tools to incercept warrants that extracts data on international and national crimes, along with metadata. Their survellience techniques are publically declared.

“The internet makes it very easy for our targets to use technology to deliberately obscure their location. They are also harder to find as a result of the volume and complexity of the internet. Indeed, for most internet-based communications, someone’s geographic location is often difficult to discern, regardless of whether the user is trying to evade detection or not,” Mike Burgess said.

There has been a serious movement to strengthen the agency’s control and skills to track and locate elements that pose a threat to Australia’s National security.

With the appointment of the new chief, the government hopes to bridge the gap between the public and procedures carried on by the agency