Motorola develops mission-critical tech for Australia’s emergency services

mission-critical tech
mission-critical tech

Motorola Solutions has developed the ecosystem of technologies for emergency service and commercial sectors.

They acknowledged that Australian companies are facing challenges such as threats to business continuity, the increasing costs and resource constraints, and which are threats to community safety.

Motorola developed a new application which has a faster association, risk identification and incident response, especially for critical industries such as law implementation, mining, and transportation.

Motorola strives to include responsible artificial intelligence (AI) in public safety.

Video analytics which has insights by AI algorithms can be used to complete important tasks rapidly and professionally which includes finding a lost child or senior citizen needing help among a sea of people in a city.

Government is a flexible, multi-tenant communications service that extends the reach of mission-critical radio systems while providing interoperable voice and multimedia communication. The service targets Australian government personnel and enables interoperability with mission-critical land mobile radio (LMR) systems.

Spillman Ally is a web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform intended to deliver security organizations with effective, mobile, easy-to-use security software for incident management and dispatch.

SmartConnect is a secure cloud-based platform that routinely switches mission-critical voice infrastructures to broadband or satellite when required.