Mental Health Support to be Prioritized with Increasing Calls to the Police Department

Victoria’s Mental Health System

Mental health care in Australia is becoming an increasing concern for the police department and for hospitals as numbers keep multiplying every day. The police that are not equipped with the apparatus to deal with mental health patients, really feel, the “missing middle” should be worked on by the government, according to a new report.

Victoria’s Mental Health System may need a reformulation of the processes. To be channelized well. Some high-ranking members of the police department have spoken out, making the alarming matter evident in an attempt to get the required support for patients and hospitals attending it. Psychiatric crisis calls have increased by 90% in the past 4 years up till 2018, says an official. These crisis calls are primarily addressed by the police men, as they have become the first respondents, due to lack of awareness. As transporting people to emergency rooms is not “core police duty”, there is an urgent requirement for directed support.

It has been suggested that a system to treat people with mental issues, should be first put in place, before they reach the crisis stage and involve police services. With a mental health incident every 12 minutes, this support cannot be deferred from coming into force. These call also usually end up with officials spending hours in the emergency department with the distressed individuals.

There are ways through which police service is accessible to people with metal health issues, like public calls, welfare services and requests for ambulance. The officials constantly come across cases where a trained support or group can intervene and possibly mitigate danger. People who may not find a black and white solution with their General Physician but could be aided with something less intensive than a police emergency call.