Manufacturing gets a Modern Makeover with Australia’s Future Factory

Australian Centre for Innovative Manufacturing (ACIM)

With the onset of Industry 4.0, everything we see today is slowly being transformed into virtual platforms. It is no surprise then, that manufacturing would be one of the many to be restructured to fit in the timeline of innovation and advancement. This could herald a whole gamut of new opportunities and possibilities. Enter the concept of “Future Factories”.

Australia will watch its first Future Factory erected; the Flinders University led Australian Centre for Innovative Manufacturing (ACIM). This will the showcase ground for state- of- the- art manufacturing technological kits, with imbued research, and preparing a savvy and well-equipped working community.

ACIM is a great news for the nation’s economy as it promises an influx of related job opportunities. This multidisciplinary catchall will explore and test current and emerging technologies to bring the Australian consumer market the best products and a distinct experience.

The insurgence of technology and its potential dynamism has challenged and boosted the growth of the manufacturing industry. ACIM will also create jobs and promote growth in areas of strategic importance to Australia including defense and aerospace, construction, medical devices/assistive technologies, wine and food and minerals and energy. Their full proof and AI driven assessment of a variety of products will cater to a wide range of industries.

Taking a leaf from its European and American counterparts, Australia is seeing this seamless marriage of research and industry as a stepping stone to an economy inspired by originality in thought, practice, unmatched innovation and growth at an unprecedented pace.