Impression Healthcare to dispense Sleep Apnea devices to a French multinational

Impression Healthcare has announced to boost its broad-based position within the realms of the competitive medical industry. Latest reports suggest the company will be signing a product supply agreement with the company Air Liquide Healthcare Australia which is a subsidiary of Air Liquide S.A.

The agreement will be signed initially for a period of five years. The subsidiary is a contributor of respiratory care services, including equipment and medical gases. These are listed on the Euronext, along with market capitalization of 52B €.

Air Liquide Healthcare Australia conducts 12,000 sleep assessments per year, out of which 50% of all sleep assessments result in the recommendation for a mandibular advancement device.

According to records, Impression will allegedly supply the Sleep Guardian mandibular devices to Air Liquide. These include devices such as ‘Silensor’ and ‘Dorsal’. Furthermore, Air Liquide has agreed to supply devices to its patients across 180 sleep clinics functioning throughout Australia.

Moreover, Impression will also retain exclusivity rights for the supply of all devices within the network of Air Liquide clinics.