Horror Flu Persists in South Australia

The flu is often considered nothing more than ordinary cold followed by some home ready to help your recover. Influenza is a little more serious than your common cold, if the number of people dying in South Australia is proof enough.

This year the bout of flu has caused more alarm due to the outbreak leading to death among the elderly. The death toll has gone up to 82 in South Australia in the past few months. 20, 000 affected cases have been reported compared to the lean 1,500 same time, last year. As a result, neighboring states and regions have also been notified of the endemic. Close to 100 nursing homes across the region are treating with the growing number.

Australians have been asked to follow some simple precautionary measures in order to stop this deadly virus from spreading and contracting another. First being identifying flu from common cold and contacting physicist if flu like symptoms surface or persist. Second whether suspected of the influenza or otherwise, regular prevention like coughing into the tissue should be strictly adhered to. The instructions may seem mundane and offhand, but they could save many from contracting it. Young ones and people older than 60 have been found to be more susceptible to the flu. So, maintaining distance once inflicted is advised.

Chief medical officer Dr Nicola Spurrier warned, “It can make you very, very ill and is much worse than having a common cold — you have high fevers, aches and pains and you can also have fatigue for a long time”. Hospitals also declared that in spite of the increasing toll, there is not shortage of vaccines to treat them and they are presently well equipped to deal with the flu.