High School Students help Senior Citizens take their First Step into the Digital World

High School Student

In what could only be described as a very solacing attempt, senior citizens of Snowy Mountains are been ushered into digital technology by regional high schoolers. This initiative to ensure that older Australians are educated on how to be safe and avoid scams online, is being seen as an emulative process soon to adopted by the federal government.

The local libraries that are not well equipped to counsel seniors on online literacy have joined forces with regional schools to support these very willing participants. Older citizens, who aren’t well aware of processes nor the cyber security breaches lurking online are more susceptible to falling prey. These online training workshops are gaining support and popularity. The workshops are a part of a program which started at the Cooma Library in December 2017. At each library, students spend one morning each term helping senior citizens with tech education like sending emails or connecting a printer.

Kids are tech savvy and more exposed, they become powerhouses of tech knowledge. This natural magnetism combined with the enthusiasm to interact is helping kids too. their leadership skills, interaction and patience level with the citizens are noteworthy.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner said it was important for senior Australians to stay safe online. “It’s not just about researching things you’re interested in, for a lot of people it’s about shopping, social interaction, but importantly too, it’s about accessing services,” Mr Clark said. Benefits have been identified for both generations. The workshops are attracting senior citizens, who want to learn and come out of their obsolete shells.