Healthcare Research in Australia now at the Fingertip

Healthcare Research

Helix installed at Monash University in Victoria, Australia, is a technology that allows storage and sharing of large-scale data for research. With a vision to have improved practices, accelerate research, and give researchers access to copious amounts of data, helix was created by Swansea University, using Health Informatics Group’s world-leading secure data infrastructure – Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP).

This is a sure step in revolutionizing Australia’s Healthcare system. Not only will this enable further enquiry into some serious impending health resolutions but also help in improving treatments and care for patients by medical and health experts.

The platform has an accumulated data that comprises clinical trials, medical analysis, groundbreaking research from diverse fields of healthcare that will equip a practitioner or researcher with detailed scrutiny thereby reproducing more effective results. The platform has the provision to permit secured exchange of data between organizations for better functionality. The security is full proof and hard to breach, where confidentiality, privacy and safety are important factors that form the organic structure of the platform.

This e- research podium is regenerative, where end users can add their own research and findings to the repository. Professor Ian Smith, Vice-Provost (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University, said, “The Helix platform provides a tool that will allow the research community to take a huge step forward on the journey towards a healthier society.”

Here lies the answer for some of the most pressing medical and health related issues that Australians and by extension, the world, faces. Consolidating research in different branches and its widening scope could change the framework we have been operating in for ages.
Helix translates to less time consumed in collecting and more in deducing data.