Health Ministries Push for Pictorial Representation of Sugars on Food Packages

The health ministry is trying every trick and idea, so Australians make better food choices. The tiny corner on the package of your food product signifying the division of nutrients in the food products may have an additional pictorial companion if the plan that the health ministry in New Zealand and Australia are making will come in effect.

The Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation has launched a review of a proposal that recommends that the number of spoons of sugar in a drink or food item must be represented visually on the package of the said item. Many consumers find the nutritional units confusing.

Pictures showing how many teaspoons of sugar there are in sweetened drinks could be made compulsory under a proposal health ministers have earmarked for further investigation. The forum said, “that a pictorial approach applied to sugary beverages / sugar-sweetened beverages warrants further consideration”.

The same rule is being encouraged from different public and private segments, voicing their approval for this rule to come into effect soon. There is also an unspoken understanding that there may be a possible opposition from the industry. With obesity a serious ill and growing awareness of people on nutritional literacy, this will have a great value to consumer welfare and understanding.

The Australian Beverages Council doesn’t support pictorial representations of sugar and believes there’s insufficient room on labels. “We believe sugars and other nutrients are adequately considered as part of the health star rating scheme. Adding a further system in addition to the health star rating is likely to confuse consumers,” chief executive Geoff Parker said. However, a new study suggests that the health star rating was deeply flawed.