Food Trends Catching On with Social Media Influencers Endorsing it

Food Trends Catching On with Social Media

We can have discourse, articles, papers and countless statistics on all the listed evils of social media, but we cannot rule out the one point of contentment it has introduced, “relatability”. What social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram have done is deconstructed the “celebrity”.

Our role models don’t belong to the mythical world of decadence and unattainable. They are sitting in their living rooms, and sharing their stories on the move. They don’t come in unrealistic perfect sizes, but openly talk about issues and concerns that disturb them. They are real people with real stories. And so when they say something, we believe them. If a product is endorsed by a movie star or a pop diva, you may buy it to quench your fan craziness but if the same is done on Instagram, you know your own life may parallel the influencer’s. you believe in the product. Advertising has become personal. And interaction is the key that makes it successful.

Australians are buying more because of the direct advertisement of their Instagram influencers than from billboard ads featuring celebrities. The food and restaurant business, has seen relatable celebrities endorse products that may today be found in almost all Australian households.

The quickly emptying shelves of local Australian supermarkets, stand testimony to this new trend. Backed by 31k followers, an Instagram influencer recently, endorsed the goody richness of a hot chocolate brand and what Australian retail saw, and probably the brand never expected, was nothing short of a phenomenon. The brand was instantaneously taken off the shelf from the supermarkets by her devout followers. Creating more and more demand for the product.

There are other food trends that have become staple to Australia. The country seems more invested in food items than in other consumer goods. According to an article, this is because, “food is an equalizer”. Which may very well be true, considering how food endorsements lead to instant purchases.