Food Labels in Australia can be Misleading!

Food Labels in Australia
Food Labels in Australia

All the talk on sustainable growth, renewable energy, eco balance has suddenly led to an uprising of scrupulous citizens on the quest to make their own contribution to save the environment. They are however largely informed by what are the do’s and don’ts through social media or word of mouth.  On a journey of personal revolution, choices for healthy, green living is top on everyone’s list. Food choices fall under this category. We have become a generation too careful of what goes inside us and if that causes harm to the dwindling flora and fauna. Here is where all the new food labels come into play.

If you are someone who reaches out for the “organic”, “non- GMO” labels and the like, then you may want to read ahead. Australian Food industry is on its own “purge” mission. Buyers opting for labels that certifiably claim less harm. But how authentic are these labels? And are all claims honestly met?

According to an eye-opening article recently published, the appearance of this new resistance for environment needs a second look. It may dispel many myths and review standards we take for granted every day.

Apart from the label “organic” which adheres to clear and defined canons, the others could be tampered with. For instance, a “non- GMO”, (non- Genetically Modified Organism) is often closely associated with organic but as per experts, the case is not so. Non- GMO could very well have used fertilizers and pesticides, unlike organic which is completely pesticide free. In some cases, these labels are placed on the products as a differentiator for marketing. Mangoes are never genetically modified, yet we find it sometimes labelled so.

Other labels like “cage- free” and “free- range”, could be found contradictory in practice when investigated. The hens raised claiming to be cage free or free range would be packed in an open environment, barely living up to its label claim.

May be there is more we can do then look for labels that make us believe that we are on the right track. Beginning with, getting informed.