Credit Cards Exclusivity Will Baffle an Average Citizen

Credit Cards

For the science enthusiast, there have been many inventions that have altered history and startled generations. For the shopping enthusiast, there is a time and frame that clearly defines when retail experiences changed; the creation of credit cards. The launch of the first credit card, possibly made consumers feel independent, even empowered. Credit cards transformed transactions before ATMs were a remote possibility.

Credit cards come with limits that make the usage free and uninhibited. A survey recently conducted shows that average Australian credit card holders have a limit of $9528 per credit card with only 33.38 per cent of that being used.

Though credit cards do give you a sense of security, don’t go thinking they are unbiased. Certain credit cards are so exclusive, that an average Australian may never have access to it. Some are embedded with diamonds, some have access to luxury vacations, and some allow the holder to be fast-tracked through immigration lines. Most are available through invitation only, while one is only available to members of the United Arab Emirates’ royal family, according to a list recently compiled. Almost all are “invite only” cards, the limits and benefits may vary and their availability in certain countries may be absent.

The American Express Centurion Card has no limit, and is your personal shopper, it is made of titanium, moving away from your regular plastic money. The JP Morgan Reserve Card, is an exclusive design in palladium and gold, but this invite only card, needs you to have at least $14.5 million in assets under management by JP Morgan Private Bank. The American Express Platinum Card gives you Australian Financial Review subscription free along with other perks provided you have a Minimum income of $100,000. NAB QANTAS Rewards Signature Card gives you a credit limit of $15,000.

These roofing offers and limits make your regular credit seem drab in comparison.