Concussion: A Growing Fear Among NRL Player after Recent Report

A recent study on the surfaced impact of concussion on two former NRL (National Rugby League) players in their late 50s, brought to light issues related to the sport and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). A growing worry among Australian sportsmen, concussion is being thoroughly studied to understand its symptoms and effect on players.

Actual far reaching effects of concussion still lie in the dark, but the released scare due to this the dawned awareness about it has got the ball rolling towards further studies. Their health repercussions on sports people are known to have delayed ramifications.

Concussion, saw its first awakening in US NFL (National Football League). Entering Australian Rugby scene soon after. Sports people are now leaving the sport for good fearing the impact on their lives.

Doctors and researchers have identified and deduced concussions as categorically as possible to understand their structure in order to treat it. Impacts, hits to the head, followed by some symptoms like disorientation, memory impairment, headache or neck pain, nausea could be some identifiers of concussion. This could lead to a momentary lapse with the players resuming their game or career, but the real problem may take years to show its ugly head. Concussion victims are known to suffer decades later, when the sport is already left behind with, cognitive issues, mental disorders, memory impairment, insomnia and many neurological illnesses.

Subconcussion is another effect recognized, that is a concussion but without the visible symptoms. This is known to be more fatal as, the victim may go on for years without any real threat developing till it could be tough to treat.

With the increasing literature on the disorder, the federal bodies controlling sports welfare for these players have put systems in place to determine their readiness for the game. But with the actual effects difficult to determine the damage, this could pose a serious threat to players and could go unnoticed for a long period of time, interjected by sudden symptoms.