Canberra legalizes personal use of cannabis

The capital territory of Australia, Canberra emerges as the first jurisdiction on continent to legalize personal use of cannabis.

As indicated by the Australian government, marijuana is the nation’s most generally utilized unlawful medication. In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, there were more than 72,000 cannabis-related captures made in Australia – and 92% of those captured were customers.

The law enforcement allows people above 18years to possess 50gms of cannabis legally and to grow four plants at home.

The rest of Australia still hasn’t legalized personal use, which means it is still illegal to possess this drug in other cities. Medicinal use was legalized earlier in 2016. However, there are chances where this law can be revoked at central level legislation.

31 January 2020 will be the scheduled date when the law will take action.

Approximately, 400,000 people reside in Canberra and the areas surrounding and almost 35% of this population of 14years and above have consumed the drug.

People in favor of the law believe that it will be great help to decrease the stigma of medicinal users of the drug whereas the people against the decision feel that there will be an increase in people consuming this drug as it will now be legally available.

The bill passed by lawmakers is still be passed in the federal legislation and these lawmakers are sure that it will not be a problem at the central level. There still prevails a battle with the Commonwealth Law, which prohibits the personal use.

The Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay stated in the Legislative the danger of individuals being captured under central law are not eliminated and they are being direct with the people about that. This bill also requires that the use of the drug is not to be done near children and driving under the influence of cannabis will be punishable.

The director of Commonwealth was approached for seeking advice on available defenses for people charged under the Commonwealth law.

CM Andrew Barr proposed Commonwealth examiners had been compelled by the government to overhaul their legal guidance to the ACT government.

Attorney General Gordon Ramsay said the time had come to treat medicinal drug use as a medical problem as opposed to an issue of good and bad. The government will be initiating an education drive on the new law in January and the law will be reviewed after 3 years.