Boycott of the Disarmament Ambassador of the United States from the United Nation’s conference as Venezuela assumes the chair

On the conference which was held on this Tuesday regarding the disarmament, the United States simply walked out in order to protest against the Venezuela which was assuming the revolving presidency of the United Nations which is a sponsored forum, exactly as it did last year when the chair was given to Syria.

The administration of Donald Trump, which has taken a further step towards the sanctions against the government of Nicolas Maduro has not eliminated the action of the military for the removal of what it and plenty other nations contemplated as an unlawful government which assembled the election of 2018.

As there was the only month to the presidency by the Venezuela of the Geneva talks, the Disarmament Ambassador of the United States, Robert Wood walked out of the session and made an announcement regarding its boycott while the Ambassador of Maduro ‘Jorge Valero’ was chairing it,

Later wood told the reporter that “We should be trying to do what can be done to prevent such states from taking control over the international bodies. Evidently, when you have government likes the Assad regime and that of the Maduro’s presiding over the international body, there is something profoundly wrong with the way we are conducting our businesses and there is dire need to examine that.”  He further said that a representative Juan Guaido who happens to be an interim leader and opposition leader of Venezuela should have been the one to assume the chair.

All those who identified Guaido chose to stay away from the conference inclusive of the Latin American delegations such as Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. Russia and Syria denounced what they termed its lobbying. The move was condemned by the Valero. He reported in a news briefing: “We are regretful that the representative of the United States & its allies is carrying on their moves of bringing to this forum those matters which should be dealt outside of the CD.”