Blood Cancer to Become the Leading Cause for Deaths in Australia by 2035

Blood Cancer

A new study by the Leukemia Foundation, found that blood cancer could become the leading cause of deaths by 2035. Australia could be at major threat from the increasing number of patients that have been understood so far.

The real size, scale and effect of the disease was largely underestimated by Australia. The report revealed that blood cancer is on a quick rise and is cited as the second deadliest cancer after lung cancer in Australia. And the number will only be on a rising curve. “Right now, every day, 41 Australian children, adults, parents and grandparents will be told they have blood cancer. And unfortunately, 20 people will lose their life to blood cancer, making these cancers some of the most common and deadly in the country,” Leukaemia Foundation CEO Bill Petch said.

The report estimates that more than 186,000 Australians will lose their life to blood cancer by 2035, making it the foremost killer disease. The report also lays down ways to deal with this unwarned onslaught.  It categorizes four priority areas to tackle blood cancer, including empowering patients, ensuring equity of access, accelerating research and catalyzing health service reform.

The new findings have prompted the formation of a new taskforce to tackle the alarming issue. The Federal Government is appointing national Blood Cancer Taskforce, which will bring together researchers and patients for the first time to develop a national action plan.