Australia’s position drops in global digital ranking

Australia has slithered one position in a global ranking on electronic competitiveness while its Asia Pacific neighbors are making huge increments.

The IMD World Digital Competitiveness shows Australia stands one spot down to fourteenth, while Hong Kong and South Korea have climbed and entered the top 10 and Taiwan and China climbed to thirteenth and 22nd from sixteenth and 30th.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia’s CEO Melinda Cilento said Australia must accomplish more if it is to keep pace with other world economies.

“Our Asia Pacific neighbors are making genuine ventures into skills and innovation, infrastructure, the two territories where we have dropped off in key zones, and we have to guarantee we keep pace,” Ms Cilento said. “These are the drivers of future aggressiveness and opportunity.”

Out of the 63 countries reviewed, Australia positioned 44th on digital innovative abilities and employee training, 53rd on graduates in sciences, 45th for agility in organizations and 54th for communication technology.

By and large the main five advanced pioneers stayed unaltered from a year ago with the United States at number one, trailed by Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Despite the fact that there were a few zones where Australia had solid rankings including stream of worldwide understudies and country credit rating score, both at number one. Australia additionally positioned third in tablet ownership and second in having an internet efficient “e-government”.

A recent CEDA survey of 3000 individuals in Australia discovered organizations rate the significance of research and development along with interest in new advancements much higher than the general public.

“Interest in new innovation in a general sense is imperative to Australia’s future competitiveness and prosperity. In any case, it’s not something that is truly reverberating in the more extensive network,” Ms Cilento said.

“We believe that there actually should be a national discussion on the significant job of new advancements and innovative work, and furthermore the abilities that will be required now and into what’s to come.”