Australia’s Most Authoritative Healthcare Data Report Published

Healthcare Data Report
Healthcare Data Report

The latest data report shows that Australian health care continues to improve across a range of clinical areas – however distinct falls in maternity and mental health indicators speak to broader issues.

The increased interest of manipulation during birth and a much higher restraint rate for mental health patients indicates changes in health care provision in these two key health areas. As Australia’s most statistically-detailed, national report on the performance of 656 healthcare organizations (HCOs) the ACIR covers an eight-year period and gives a complete statistical overview of the results for each clinical indicator (CI) set.

This assists health care services to understand their own level of performance within a national context. The ACIR is yet the longest-run indicator set in the world, consistently capturing data and measured trends over 26 years. Key improvements reported include: In 2018, there were 104 CIs (a 20% increase) which showed statistically significant positive trends.  Of these, 63 remained significant after allowing for changes in the composition of HCOs contributing. There were eight CI sets that had an improvement in at least two-thirds of all trended CIs.

They were; Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care, Day Patient, Emergency Medicine, Gynaecology, Infection Control, Intensive Care, Paediatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine.