Australians Facing Age Discrimination at their Workplace

As per the Diversity Council of India, starting from age 45, people in Australia go down the spiral, facing age discrimination at workplace. And once this number crosses the diabolic 50, organizations display acute unwillingness in hiring them at all say nearly 30 per cent of respondents to a 2018 survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission

Not entirely an old point of contention, but never discussed as openly as now, age discrimination is on a rise in Australia. People over a certain age looking for a fresh start or finding a permanent position, are usually shown the door, choosing age over experience and qualification. Often this group is dismissed saying, they are either “overqualified” or “over experienced” for the said role.

Even though, workplace age discrimination is not permissible in Australia, it continues to be the unspoken norm followed uniformly through all organizations. Robert Tickner, co-chair of the EveryAge Counts campaign and former Labor Party cabinet minister said, “Every state and territory, plus the national parliament, has outlawed age discrimination. So, if people do think they’ve got some clear evidence of discrimination, they may wish to talk to the Human Rights Commission.”

A 2016 survey from the Australian Human Rights Commission found 27% people over the age of 50 had recently experienced discrimination in the workplace. Out of the 8% of complaints to the Commission relate to age discrimination 2/3 were pertaining to age discrimination instances at work.

The reality of this situation needs to change from the employer’s side, according to Age Discrimination Commissioner Kay Patterson. “The climate you set will be the climate you inherit, ” warned Dr. Patterson