Australia to collaborate with NASA on lunar exploration

NASA and Australia consented to an arrangement on Sept. 21 to collaborate on NASA’s Artemis program as Australia focuses to enhance its space industry further.

The two space agencies marked a “joint statement of intent” with regards to participation on NASA’s plans to return people to the moon in a ceremony held at headquarters of NASA. The authorities of the two agencies along with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross were present at the function.

The Australian Space Agency officially began tasks in July 2018 following long endeavors by space industry advocates in the nation to build up a space organization.

NASA, in an announcement about the agreement, projected Australia contributing “in regions of shared intrigue, for example, automation, robotics and remote asset management,” forming on its capacities in mining.

Australian PM Scott Morrison stated at the signing ceremony that the agreement will pave a way for Australian businesses to compete in the fields of growing international space supply chains.

Morrison stated, “The Australian Space Agency will work with NASA on how it can support a significant part of its mission”. This work can further include lunar surface systems or capabilities for the lunar Gateway, says Scott.

In the speech Morrison declared the Australian government will utilize $150 million Australian ($102 million) throughout the following five years to backup “the mission and related exercises,” he stated, indicating that financing could develop. It is still uncertain how the funding will flow.

A statement by Australian Space Agency stated that: –

  • The investment will partially support “pilot projects” and demonstrate “investment-ready” technologies by Australia in support of activities of space.


  • Functioning with NASA to distinguish how Australia can assist a crucial piece of NASA’s mission ‘return to the Moon and on to Mars’ program, utilizing Australia’s key qualities (for example drawing on the demonstrator and pilot ventures)


  • Providing access to universal space supply chains that help NASA, including capacity forming Australian space sector to be in line with the strict obligations of providing services and products in the international industry of space.

The Australian Space Agency head, Dr Megan Clark AC stated that a vital step for Australia in boosting space industry has been signified by this agreement. A way will be ready for the following 50 years of space co-operation with the U.S. with this funding. It concurred with the Australian Space Agency and NASA marking a Joint Letter of Intent.

Financing will begin from 2020-21, with next stage including the Australian Space Agency working with NASA to affirm interest topics along with implementation process. Investment topics will line up with the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028 and the distinguished Civil Space Priority zones.