Australia launches world’s first technology to prevent crocodile deaths

Everyone likes to go for a swim during summers but a swim in North Queensland comes with a warning which states danger is often not far away when it comes to the crocodiles.

According to statistics, every three years a person is killed by a crocodile in the state.

Now new technology can spot a crocodile by drone from the air. It is called as the “CrocSpotter” algorithm, which is supported by Amazon produced artificial intelligence. It is 6 times better than the naked eye. The drones were designed to spot swimmers in trouble and can now identify deadly threats. It’s the newest tool which will tell within a second if danger is near.

The world-first technology is lifesaving as it spots the crocodiles from a drone. In murky ways the signs of the presence of a crocodile are deceiving to the naked eye. It’s often hard to tell the difference between wooden logs and crocodiles. A second makes the difference between life and death in a potential crocodile attack told Ben Thurgood of Amazon Web Services.