Australia Ahead in Immunization for Children at 95%, Way Above the Global Average

Immunization for Children

Not too long ago, diseases like small pox, measles were a part of every child’s growing pains. Parents would struggle. Sleepless nights, resulting weakness and fatigue for both parents and kids. And then came season changes, that breathed deadly viruses in the air that would find an easy and accommodating host in willing carefree children. Kids would eventually recover, as they ought to but not without scars and some continued pain.

Modern medicine has taken over this dilemma. Effective vaccines now render children immune to diseases and viruses that were deep cause for worry earlier. Australia heads the immunization rate in the world according to a recent survey conducted. The number of fully immunized Australian children has hit a record level, with close to 95% vaccinated against deadly diseases.

The indigenous population has surpassed the national average, with approximately 97% coverage for the five-year olds. A new survey and its corresponding figures suggest immunization rates for all five-year-olds was 94.78%, up from 94.67%, last year.

Vaccines are being highly promoted and advertised in Australia, for the benefits to individuals and especially children they carry. The Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt said, “The latest figures show that the vast majority of parents are hearing the message about the benefits of vaccinations and I am delighted that our public health campaigns and our immunization programs are protecting all Australians,” he said.

Australia has successfully exceeded the world vaccination coverage rate, which was 85%, as per the last statistics.

One, two and five-year olds, who are mainly administered vaccines are on a rise in rural Australia too.