Accenture opens Perth innovation hub for mining and energy

In Australia, mining and energy companies are looking forward to developing innovative solutions for market challenges that will now have a sophisticated place in Accenture’s new Innovation Hub in Perth.

Accenture specialists from a variety of background will now be involved in the innovation process for support. The mining and energy sectors are presently facing trouble as the technology has brought dynamism for both sectors.

Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics among others have started to play a key role in large-scale operations. Sustainability is one of the major disruptors redesigning the face of both the industries.

The mining and energy sectors are production heavy, thus the economic drive towards sustainability is compelling many companies to reexamine their operations of production. Specifically in the energy sector, disruption has further come in the form of three Ds – decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization.

The new hub joins three other Innovation Hubs in Australia – situated in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra has become a part of global network of more than 100 Accenture Innovation Hubs. The clue behind the Perth facility is to create a space for every level of the innovation process from the ideation stage to the final development of the solutions.