A study on Twins reveals the relation between Genetics, Environment and Alcohol Induced Passing out/ Blacking out

Passing out or blacking out has always been considered a normal occurrence for many following a session of heavy drinking. An unprecedented research in Australia studied Twins, identical and non-identical (fully shared genetic traits and partially shared genetic traits) with an aim to identify the factors contributing to passing out and blacking out. The study sought to investigate, to what extent genetics and the environment play a role in influencing the experience.

The study revealed a few givens, like the ones consuming more alcohol and frequently were likely to have more frequent episodes compared to those who drank irregularly. For the particular statistical analysis, the twins chosen were between the age of 27 to 40, an age group more prone normally to get into casual drinking.

The research looked beyond specific differences. It unveiled that genetics do play an important part but environment takes precedence over it. Women and men were further shown to have different patterns inducing such episodes. Culture, restrictions introduced around drinking and the choice of alcohol govern the outcome more for women.

Shared genetic traits exhibits certain behaviors but environment and situations really loom large over decisions that lead to blacking out or passing out. The research can aid in understanding the climate that leads to this and help in further study which would be beneficial in dissolving negative impact of heavy drinking.

In discussing the genesis blacking outs and passing out, the research found an organic association between the two.