A significant drop in the number of Chinese tourists in the U.S as the tension of trade between Beijing and Washington increased

This has happened for the first in more than a decade. In the previous year, the number of tourists from China that visited the United States dropped.

The percentage of decline was around 6% where there was a drop of 3 million visitors. This happened when there was a war of trade going on between Beijing and Washington.

To take a picture of one of the most renowned residents of Washington, tourists from all around the world come.

For the capital of the United States, China is the main market, with the board of tourist even initiating a special program specifically to seize the attention of Chinese visitors towards various businesses, restaurants, and hotels of the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer of the marketing firm ‘Destination DC’, Elliott Ferguson passed the following statement: “When you take a look at the tremendous growth, evidently there will come a point in that growth where you are going to notice somewhat of a leveling or correction of those numbers completely. In my point of view, since there will be a continuity in the interest hence there will continue to be a huge growth. So, the figures from 2018 are just a slight blip.”

However, the recent tensions that grew between China and the United States are affecting greatly the tourism sector.

In the previous year, authorities of China issued a travel warning to their people, making them cautious of the crime and the prohibitive costs of healthcare in the United States.

The State Department located in Washington in return did the same and place China on the second level of Warning, cautioning the travelers of the United States to beware and exercise great caution during their visit to China.

Rather than booking a package with any tour operator, they are making use of the smartphones for the purpose of booking their holidays and for the research.