World Congress on Carbon and Advanced Energy Materials to be held in Sydney on March 16-17 2020


  • The unique theme: Carbon based materials for next generation
  • Sydney, a venue which is the oldest and most splendid Australian city

This conference is basically a platform for discussions and sessions on the very basics of carbon material development. Various sessions on interrelated subjects like Nano carbon materials, how biomedical and energy fields can utilize graphene, electrochemistry of diamond will be conducted at this conference.

Sydney is one of the most pleasant tourist destinations comprising of both land and sea. It has the Opera house and other magnificent tourist destinations. So attending this conference will make it more interesting as it will be a quest for knowledge and a memorable experience.

This event is all set to explore opportunities and possibilities related to the advance energy materials and carbon materials with context to the growing global market for the end-consumer as well as national and international trade. This market can be divided on a broad basis into automotive, electronics, aerospace and defense, sports, construction, energy. This event will give deeper insights into the field of carbon materials and energy materials. The Defense and Aerospace industry will be dominant with context to Carbon based materials.

This event will seek the possibilities for future as various technical experts and researchers will be attending the event. Discussions and detailed sessions on synthetic graphite, Nano carbon materials, advanced carbon and graphene materials, optical materials and such other topics of conceptual relevance will be an integral part of the conference.