Truck and highway at sunset - transportation background

The launch of an innovative women’s trucking organization has been backed by the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI). Women in Trucking Australia (WITA), the brainchild of CEO Lyndal Denny, was one in every 24 recipients to receive funding through the foremost recent round federally supported National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) initiative.

Denny, a road train driver for Qube Logistics, says she believes enlisting female truckies in an industry often seen as male-dominated will make viewers stay awaken and spot. Two of the group’s aims are to encourage and support more women into driving careers, and reduce risky behaviour through a series of heavy vehicle road safety advertisements on television.

The latter campaign, scheduled to air nationally late January, was introduced on January 18 as a neighbourhood of the organization’s official launch. WITA chair Natalie Kascak, one in every of two female road train fuel-tanker drivers in South Australia, says too many motorists still engage in high-risk driving behaviour around heavy vehicles. The group’s launch was also supported by South Australian politician Katrine Hildyard.

One of WITA’s stated aims is to realize gender balance by 2035 by working with industry, governments, academia and relevant stakeholders to induce eliminate barriers and enhance training and employment opportunities for girls seeking to work out careers as heavy vehicle drivers. One of the speakers include current NSW Road Freight Industry Transport Woman of the Year – ‘Deaf Trucker Girl’ Candice Lureman, Australia’s only deaf female road train driver and also the sole deaf woman worldwide to possess driven triple road trains, the NHVR notes.