Wise News says US welcomes Russians waiting on southern border after secret agreement with Mexico

Russian citizens fleeing their country after the invasion Ukraine And they spent a week The northern border of MexicoWaiting until you can enter United StatesThe newspaper reports today that it was obtained in this country after a secret agreement with the Mexican authorities Wise News.

The U.S. outlet, which was able to talk to the Russians before they entered the United States, confirmed the deal to a Mexican federal official who knew about the deal and two people who knew the meetings well, which included a group of 35 applicants. The refuge was relocated to El Saber on the morning of March 20, after a large camp of Central American and Haitian immigrants in 2021, to a pedestrian border checkpoint that was officially closed to the public. It is currently used only to process persons deported to Mexico by the United States.

Once there, Mexican authorities transferred the Russians to customs and border security (CBP) American.

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Under Title 42, which came into force in March 2020, immigrants from Mexico and Canada to the United States may be explicitly deported, and if they seek asylum, they must wait for their proceedings on the Mexican side. Govit-19.

The Russians were at the border for a week when they were allowed to enter the United States, and had to wait months for other immigrants to be summoned for their interrogation.

“I came here on Monday [14 de marzo]And the Mexican authorities went out of their way to help us, giving us warm clothing, food, water, hot tea and power banks, ”he said. Mikhail Shlyaskov, From the north of Moscow, speaking to Vice News, before entering the United States. “On Tuesday they told us to go to a shelter. But we did not want to leave the streets because we were scared. Now, they ask us to go somewhere else every day.”

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Over the weekend of March 14, according to the store, U.S. Ambassador to Tijuana Thomas E. Riot met with representatives of the Russian camp from the office of the governor of Tijuana in the presence of Mexican officials. Lower California. A Mexican official told VICE News on Friday, March 18, that if the group evacuated their camp, they would be allowed to enter the United States in three or four days, but the Russians refused to consider it. There will be more time.

On Saturday, March 19, Baja California government officials told the group that the group would cross at 5 a.m. the next day, and the Russians accepted the offer.

In the official vehicles of the National Migration Agency (INM) Were transferred from Mexico to a hotel and from there to El Saber. Wise News believes some Russians were not in the camp, except for 35, but were staying in hotels in Tijuana.

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Already on the US side, on Sunday, CBP agents detained them and held them there for two days. The families were released in San Diego with the warning that they would have to appear before immigration judges to reconsider their asylum applications. The Russians, who were traveling alone, were transferred to immigration detention centers, where it was not known when they would be released.

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The report shows how immigration rules do not apply equally to everyone. VICE News consulted with the US State Department, which did not confirm the embassy’s brokerage agreement, noting that the United States and Mexico “cooperate closely on a wide range of issues, including migration.” INM declined to comment.

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