Why Australia Probably Doesn’t Need More Koala Mittens

Koala Mittens
Koala Mittens

Canadian volunteers are now transporting six airplanes full of handmade goods and medical materials in order to help the animals that are injured in Australia’s bushfires. But the Australian administrators are worried that a flood of good intentions could act as a catalyst for the second disaster.


When a Canadian woman named Brianna MacDonald was confronted by the destruction of the bushfires while Christmas, she decided that she would do something in order to help the wildlife in her adopted home of Australia, where she lived for seven years. Accompanied by her mother and two sisters in Canada, Ms MacDonald has finally become an important part of cross-national effort from Canada to Australia by airplanes to send soft goods like baskets, jackets and pouches for animals who are injured or orphaned in the bushfires.

Brianna’s family joined a Facebook group called as Canadian Animal Rescue Craft Guild, which has linked 11,000 people across Canada to knit, sew or crochet for the cause of the animals. In eastern Ontario where Brianna lives, her sister Carol said that they collected approximately 5,000 soft goods and another 2,000 medical supplies, which weighed almost 500 kilograms.

Brianna unlocked her house in Sydney, for donations of medical supplies and food for the Animal Rescue Cooperative, which would help and support wildlife rescuers across the country.