Who is the most terrible sniper in the world who fought with the Ukrainian army – Brenza Libre

One The most feared snipers in the world Has joined the government of Ukraine Must fight against the Russian military forces.

Wally, the nickname he received for his actions AfghanistanA native Canada And crossed the border at the invitation of the President Volodymyr Zhelensky And so on Foreign nationals are fighting against the Russian government.

He assured that the reasons that prompted Wally to fight with the Ukrainian government were purely humanitarian. We need to help as many innocent people as possible Are at risk from government bombings and attacks Vladimir Putin.

40 years old Defending anonymously. One of the most talented snipers in the world, Wally’s reputation may have compromised their physical integrity so his family should not reveal the identity of its members.

In an interview CBC NewsWally clarified his intentions about the reasons that led to the war with Ukraine: “I want to help the Ukrainians. Many innocent people are being victimized for wanting to be Europeans and not Russians. “

Wally was a part of it 22nd Royal Canadian Infantry Regiment He was also a volunteer fighter in Kandahar during the war in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2011 and to fight against 2015. Islamic State.

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Wally also holds the record for killing the longest-distance sniper in history. 3.5 kilometers between the target and your person.

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Depending on the medium BrandWally came to remove For more than 40 people in a single dayThis is a myth in the world of weapons and the military.

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