What Rising Health Care Costs Mean for You

Health Care
Health Care

During the year 2013, 56% of people struggled to pay for health care. it’s understandable why many can’t afford these costs. 16.5% took longer than a year to pay them off. Another 8.9% just couldn’t pay them at all.

Of those who had trouble paying their medical bills. They were all losing out of money 73% on grocery cloths and shelter. 40% took on extra work to pay bills. One fourth people cut off on the bills

Almost one in four cut back on taking their medications. They are reducing the dose or avoiding and skipping going to the doctors which are creating health issues. The percentage of such people is 30%.

There are some families which are not poor, they are the ones who own the homes but still they are not paying for the health services. They are also covered by insurance.

There are many companies who give alife time budget, which they use gradually and miss out on regular medication planning that they might save the money for future illness.