Voices Against 5G Technology Intensify in Australia

Voices Against 5G Technology
Voices Against 5G Technology

Being touted as the next generation revolution and stated to underpin more technological development, 5G has been on the minds and lips of all sectors and industries around the world. 5G is unprecedented speed which will take operations to a new level. Most Tech giants are welcoming it arrival, that will soon transform not only smartphones but also virtual reality and the healthcare industry. However, there are some in the world who take a counterview on the advent of this fifth-generation technology.

Australia is seeing a slow renegade movement that is against the eventual rollout of 5G. the 5G mobile networks by Telstra and Optus will soon land in Australia. This technology, though spell a new dawn to many, hauls doom to others who feel health and privacy both are threatened if 5G invades.

The technology has garnered tremendous global governments and industries support, making its adoption quicker and sought after. But the tiny but increasingly becoming louder anti-5G voice is a thorn in the path for Telstra and Optus as they move to roll out their new networks. This has also resulted in the Communications Department and at least one federal government agency to issue soothing statements to alleviate concerns.

Social media has become a stomping ground for like minded 5G opposition to herald their rally with supporting evidence from research. They are termed as “anti-vaxxers” of the telco world. Facebook has a Sydney group against 5G that has several hundred members. Other groups include, the Stop 5G Northern Beaches group with 1700 members, and the Stop 5G Australia page with 3400 “likes”. This growing community is backed by research that states that 5G is dangerous not only to our privacy but also our health and the future of this generation. 5G towers, according to this growing school will result into possible side effects such as anxiety, depression and DNA damage, also threatening with a “full surveillance system. With some scientists predicting that 5G will lead to an endemic of infertility within five generations.

Outrageous as they may seem, these ideas are gaining devoted following, even though, apart from the claims they do not enjoy scientific support from mainstream science. These views on 5G are regularly refuted by local institutions like the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

A spokesman for Minister of Communications Paul Fletcher said in a statement that there are “no adverse health effects caused by the low levels of electromagnetic energy from 5G telecommunications facilities. The government acknowledges that there is significant community interest in being satisfied that rigorous safety standards are in place to guard against the potential health risks of exposure to EME from mobile phone base stations,” the spokesman said.