Victoria’s Illegal Stockpiles of Waste Gets Transported to SA for Treatment

Waste Gets Transported to SA for Treatment

Tons of waste storage is becoming a giant problem in Victoria, which has come to practice the transference of its potentially hazardous waste to other better equipped states for its treatment.

Copious amounts of illegal industrial waste, were found to be splashed across various parts of Victoria, raising serious red flags. The matter was brought to light by the recent fire  at Bradbury Industrial Services in the outer Melbourne suburb of Campbellfield. A commission was set to enquire and similar unaccounted for waste was unearthed in other regions of the state.

“Victoria is in a really significant crisis around waste and recycling and toxic stockpiles as well. The solution is multi-layered … we need to be looking at longer-term solutions to this, such as developing and investing in new markets for recycling,” according to inquiry member and Victorian Greens Leader, Samantha Ratnam.

What the state has however been doing is transporting its waste to South Australia (SA), which is then being treated there. This has been a legal arrangement between Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Veolia. This was only revealed after a fire  broke out at Veolia’s Kilburn facility in Adelaide’s northern suburbs earlier this month. The incident revealed some filled aerosol cans that should have been degassed before they made their way to the disposal pile in South Australia.

EPA South Australia chief executive Tony Circelli, said that the illegal waste in Victoria is unmanageable and their stepping helps alleviate the problem.

“I can understand people’s fears around waste, particularly unauthorized and illegal waste, however this waste wasn’t particularly problematic. Movement of waste across borders is sometimes necessary and regulated on a national basis, if, for example, there are capabilities to deal with it in one state but not another,” Mr Circelli said.