US Sailors Dock at Brisbane in One of the Largest and Most Powerful Ships!

US Sailors Dock

Technicolor Hollywood movies and the 60s cinema, had a necessary sub plot on sailors. One couldn’t escape a man in the proverbial white suit, who would sweep in to small and big ports, storm the bars and pubs and allure the ladies away. They definitely made for a great attraction, and lured many to the movies. These men at sea have a historical magnetism, that charms everyone alike. Their fleeting adventures at their stops reward locals and transform the vicinity into a tourist attraction. USS Ronald Reagan, the flagship of the US Navy has docked at Brisbane, Queensland, for some Australian weather, fun. They will be joining the Australian military in Queensland and in the Northern Territory for the biennial Talisman Sabre. In Queensland, about 25,000 military personnel will train near Shoalwater Bay between July 11 and August 24.

American sailors are expected to paint the town red. The 333-metre long ship, which is more than 20-storeys’ high, will spill 4,500 sailors into the capital city. This will increase tourism and boost local businesses. The sailor scene in the present generation is slightly different from their representation in classics. No more aloof or abandoned amidst oceanic currents, these men now are social media savvy and spread the word easily through post, popularizing hot spots and endorsing things. Consider it free advertisement.  The locals are geared and excited hosts, customizing their sales strategies to attract this very special bunch.

They will prove to be lucrative guests in Queensland, with an estimated expenditure of $1,000 each. The USS Ronald Reagan supports more than 60 combat aircraft and two nuclear reactors, providing enough energy to power a small city. The ship cost $4.5 billion to build and $1 million a day to run.