Trump on Ohio manufacturing investment

US President Donald Trump visited the manufacturing facility in OH with Australian Prime Minister in the last week. Trump spoke alongside with Scott Morrison in Ohio regarding job opportunities and the U.S. economy and the country’s alliance with Australia.

The factory owner Australian billionaire, Anthony Pratt was also present. He is known as the “economic revival” of the manufacturing industry and promised more foreign investment and a surge in new jobs. It was declared proudly that Pratt Industries and the great state of Ohio is open for business.

When this factory is fully operational, hundreds of workers in Ohio will have full-time jobs, with quality healthcare, retirement benefits and better wages.

Pratt Industries is America’s fifth largest packing company and the world’s largest, privately-held 100 percent recycled paper and packaging business. It may also help the U.S. industrial sector which has shown signs of a slowdown.

The declaration also strengthened a strong bond between the United States and Australia on several points. Jobs are important as they transform lives.

Trump termed Australia one of “America’s greatest friends and loyal allies.” America is also the largest stakeholder in Australia.