These are the differences between the golden sparrows and the Oxygen oleaginous duodenum

We already knew that Opening Ceremony of AIFA It was with a sea of ​​conflicting opinions, but we didn’t think Star News would sell Blue corn fritters – If many media are confused Talayudas– In the parking lot of the new airport.

Do not confuse these delicious dishes of Mexican gastronomy List We explain the difference between the Thloids and the Doradoids. The only thing we can tell you is that both Toraditas and Dloidas are delicious. Which ones do you like the most?

Donna Carmen’s black corn fry looks like this

Doraditas, also known as “Toluccino hurache”, originated in the capital of Mexico and is considered a common food of Toluca. The bottom is cracked black corn toast, then generously sliced ​​with refined beans. Then add the nopales, coriander, cheese, onion and of course a few drops of green or red sauce.

The “Toraditas” have been in the media spotlight lately, thanks to what happened at AIFA. At the opening ceremony of the Philip Angels International Airport, a woman named Carmen sold “Dostaditas” in the parking lot. The queues were high as no food establishments were operating at the airport so far.

“Dostaditas” sold for 35 and 40 pesos, which aroused the interest of more than one AIFA participant. The L. Universal Nation team said, “At times, Carmen and her husband could not cope with making noodles, cheese, and onions to cover the bean sprouts.”

These are the items that carry the weapons

Dloida is a true jewel of Oxygen gastronomy. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the toy is a tortilla approximately 30 cm in diameter, the toy is slightly crunchy, but not completely fried. Like “Toradita” it is coated with beans.

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One of the differences between Toloda and Dostodita may be the beef, Enzilada meat, Soriso or Chechnya in Toloda. Quesillo, Avocado and even locusts and escamoles. In addition, dloidas are usually made with white corn, unlike toastadites, with black corn.

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

“The keynote address at the opening ceremony of the Philip Angels International Airport was of a woman selling Dloydas. Some comments were insulting as they did not know Mexico and its cultures. They like to eat in Dalai Lada, what do they want? Some hamburgers” – Comments by President Andres Manuel Lபpez At the morning conference on 2022

Tell us if you have tried Talayudas and Dostadita. What are your favorites?

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