These are closed spas in 7 provinces that are prone to rain and strong waves

This Good Friday they are on green alert against flooding Seven provinces of the National Territory. Therefore, Juan Manuel Mendes, director of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), has warned of spas and recreational activities in mountainous areas located in the provinces. They are closed.

Green alert has been issued in the districts Monte Plata, La Vega, Hato Mayor, Monseñor Nouel, San Cristobal, Sánchez Ramírez and Greater Santo Domingo. Prior to these warnings, officials issued a statement 232 Beaches closed And rivers.

These are closed spas in the provinces where there is caution

Great St. Dominic

1 Playa Sans Susie (Punta Torrecilla) Eastern Municipality of Santo Domingo

2 Beach BeachAvenida España / Las Americas Municipality Santo Domingo Estேe

3 Hippodrome spring V Century Santo Domingo Eastern Municipality

4 Riviera River Osama (La Barquita – El Dique) Eastern Municipality of Santo Domingo

5 Playa Marrenza Santo Domingo Western Municipality

6 Sarco Manokuapo Santo Domingo Western Municipality

7 Palau Bridge Welcome to the municipality of Santo Domingo Oste

8 Bus control / Manoguayabo Municipality Santo Domingo North

9 Bad name river Santo Domingo Northern Municipality

10 Isabella Norde River Santo Domingo Northern Municipality

11 Eight La Victoria Municipality Santo Domingo North

12 Manatti Lagoon La Victoria / La Ceiba, Boca Chica Municipality

13 Malena well / East Highway, Boca Sica Municipality

14 La Posita Cucama / La Malena, Municipality of Boca Sica.

15 Biohan Well / La Malena, Municipality of Boca Sica

16 Bayonne / La Malena, Municipality of Boca Sica

17 Yabacao El CabretoMunicipality of San Antonio de Guerra

18 Battle DamMunicipality of War

19 Yapakov Northeast Highway Bridge in Guevara Municipality

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20 In the photo / New Flock of Algaricos

21 La Mina / Bedi Dairy, Los Algarisos

22 Supervi Spa / Cuba in the Petro brand

23 Monticinos Beach, National District

24 Kubia BeachNational District

25 Strong beach San Gill

Silver Mountain

26 Dam Millet River in LouisaSilver Mountain.

27 Bath House கைமிட்டோ, Talao, Sirino Monte Plata

28 Ace பயகுவானா.

29 Dam / Yabacao Bayaguana River

30 The media way பயகுவானா.

31 The Guard pool, Savanna Grande de Booy.

32 The SleeveSabana Grande de Booy

33 Mercedes rain puddles, Sabana Grande de Puai

34 Rails Km.35, Yamasa

35 Los Potato Bridge, Yamasa

36 Sabot RiverYamasa


37 In the photo, Jarabacoa La Vega

38 Jimenova Zaragova Falls (Where La Cascata falls) La Vega

39 Pikewood Falls (Where is the waterfall) La Vega

40 Jima RiverLower La Vega

41 Spa Dam entrance Tavera la speed

42 Bath House Gina entry Vega

43 Spa Conoco Vijo Vega

44 Spa Pao entrance Vega

Monsignor Novel

45 The upper dam burned / The Burnt Monsignor Novel

46 Short Palo de la Corsa / Maimon Monsignor Novel

47 Colorado River / Maimon Monsignor Novel

48 Wasp Creek / First White Bridge Monseñor Nouel

49 Machipetro / Part of the Monsanto Novel Falls

50 old bridge The Dreamer Monsignor Novel

51 Waterfall Spa (Fula3l Phenon) Monsignor Novel

San Cristobal

51 loss Nikua Canyons Nico Municipality

52 lbSource of the Nikua River Nico Municipality

53 loss Mangrove area Inside Nicao’s industrial park Pisa Municipality

54 Los Amaceyes Sona Combo Unbu University. Nico Municipality

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55 PlSir of the dead trio Nigua / Carlos Pinto Beach Najayo Valdesia Municipality, Nigua

56 Playa Linda km. 18 Inside the Itapo-Pisa Industrial Park in Haina Municipality

57 Water intake of the Cast municipality of Haina

58 Eliminate sleepHaina Municipality

59 Holiday Beach Haina Municipality

60 The Hyena Spring Port Haina Municipality

61 Bathing km 40 Hyena River Villa Altacrecia

62 The Nearby beach Palenque Municipality

63 The San Rafael Beach Palenque Municipality

64 The Ñoño beach Palenque Municipality

65 Rio Nisao The mouth of the Nishao River in the municipality of Balencu

66 தி Sarco de Miguelon La Jaguar Community Yacouve Municipality

67 Under the Nishao River Bridge Yaguate Municipality

68 Short Gransera mombraca Nizao River Influence Zone Yakuwate Municipality

69 Take cast water, Quita Sueños District Yaguate Municipality

70 La Urca Stream, La Pared Community El Carril District Yaguate Municipality

Hato Meyer

71 El Paso River SpaHiguamo

72 Dam Spa, Higuamo River

73 El Maman Boss SpaHiguamo River

74 La Laya SpaMata Palace

75 Avocado Spa, Kill the palace

76 Erbapuna Spa, Higuamo River

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