The world condemns the terror in Pucha, but China presents another story

(CNN) –– Those devastating pictures Show the corpses of civilians scattered in the streets of Pucha, The suburbs of the Ukrainian capital, Russia, have been the scene of global panic in recent days as the urgency of investigations into war crimes escalates. However, the state media in China has a completely different story.

In that country, the national media reports On civilians killed in Pucha They quickly assert the Russian position of denying the images. Two top-level reports aired on the national broadcaster CCTV this week underscore Moscow’s unsubstantiated claims that the scene was staged after Russian troops withdrew from the area.

In one of the statements, a headline appears in Pucha’s greatly blurred pictures quoting Russia with the words “Ukrainians put on a good show”.

There is no evidence to say so. Satellite images show some have been there since at least March 18, while eyewitnesses said. The massacre began weeks ago.

Separately, Pucha’s shocking footage showed “all indications” that the public was “directly targeted and killed,” the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Tuesday. On Tuesday, the UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has joined a growing international call for a war crimes inquiry into the killing of civilians in the city.

In Ukraine they fear that the Pucha massacre will happen again 1:11

Now, war crimes charges are being leveled against China’s position. Beijing’s apparent motivation for the Russian campaign fits its position From the beginning of the invasion. China has refused to condemn Russia – both domestically and in its diplomacy – even for civilian casualties.

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Instead, Beijing sought to present itself as a neutral actor, calling for peace and They blame the United States for the situation.

This was reflected in an editorial published by the nationalist tabloid Global Times This Wednesday, in quotes, he called into question the veracity of what he called the “Pucha incident.” This release also relieves Russia of responsibility.

“It is unfortunate that the United States, which launched the crisis in Ukraine after the Pucca incident was exposed, has shown no signs of emphasizing peace and enhancing talks, but is prepared to escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine,” the editorial said.

“No matter what happens in the Pucha incident, no one can deny at least one thing: the main culprit of the humanitarian catastrophe is Bore,” he added.

A common enemy

Rising tensions with the United States have brought Moscow and Beijing closer in recent years. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping announced a few weeks before Russia’s invasion that their countries’ partnership had “no limits”.

From the Russian War in Ukraine, Beijing Is under considerable pressure We must condemn Moscow’s actions and impose sanctions on countries around the world. On the contrary, Chinese officials have refused to use the term invasion to describe Russian actions. And, in that sense, they have repeatedly said that they will act on their response.

At a special session of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun acknowledged that the images of civilians killed in Pucha were “deeply disturbing.” But when assigning responsibility for the situation, he urged “all parties” to “exercise restraint and avoid baseless accusations.”

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“The circumstances and specific causes of the incident must be verified and established. Any allegation must be based on facts,” Zhang added.

Confusion about the war in China and Ukraine 7:42

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenping made similar comments at a regular conference on Wednesday. He said humanitarian issues should not be politicized.

Before the end of the investigation into the facts, Wang said, “all parties must exercise restraint and refrain from making baseless allegations.”

But domestically, China is still sending a direct message. The Russian and Chinese state media have a long history of reinforcing each other in topics such as the conduct of the Russian opposition, pro-democratic struggles in Hong Kong, and the emergence of the Govt-19. At the same time, they seek to refute the characteristics of Western officials and the media.

On Tuesday, for example, the state-run Chinese news service posted a hashtag on the popular Weibo social media site such as Twitter: “Russia shows video to prove Puja incident was staged,” according to a Russian statement. State News Agency.

Although China amplifies Russian rhetoric in its statements in its own country, one can see signs of some general skepticism. Even on China’s most moderate social media sites.

In a recent example, a military blogger with numerous followers wrote Sunday that Ukrainians were responsible for the “massacre” of civilians. However, in the comments many users suggested that the post details were incorrect.

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