The woman who threatened the taxi driver with a gun gives her answer

Mrs. Carmen Azevedo, a Girl Who threatened someone with a gun KP During the debate over payment in La Vega RatioPresented his version of captured events in a video that went viral on social networks.

The Girl He said he was in the cockpit of the Plaza Gomez Diaz in Santiago and demanded transportation to his home through a taxi company. “The Ratio It is RD $ 450, I give him 500 pesos, he (KP) Says no, there are 800 ”.

Acevedo points out that the driver, identified as Edwin de Jesus Lora, started recording “just after he knocked on my door” within minutes of entering his home. As he lives alone with his two children, a soldier begins to pick up his comrade’s weapon.

“I took his (pair) gun KPHe had been working 24 hours the night before so I had to leave so he would not wake my boyfriend, “he added.

The Girl That was maintained KP I would have told him to shoot, “but really (he picked up the gun) so he’s out, I’m not going to hurt him, I do not know how to shoot.”

He reiterated Ratio It was 450 paise, while the owner of the company contacted him after the incident and said he would either punish the driver or fire him, as he explained, KP “I did it for several clients. I said no because he needed a job.”

Acevedo pointed out that he had made it clear that he was offended by many, thinking he did not want to pay for the service.

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