The leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and the right-hand man of Sappho Guzman were captured in Galle

A Mexican citizen who had arrived in Colombia as an ambassador for a Mexican drug trafficker was caught by authorities at a condominium in Ciudad Jordin, an exclusive residential area in southern Galle. Mayo Zambada, heir to the Sinaloa cartel Joaquin Guzman Lora, ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Identified as Brian Donaciano Olguin Bertoco, also known as PIT in the world of drug trafficking, the substance was widely searched by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as it had a red circular in more than 190 countries.

Location Sinaloa is the ambassador of the Cardinal Known Thanks to the surveillance carried out by the authorities, with intruding agents, a model, apparently vacant, was close to the culprit.

The men from the anti-drug police and the DEA effectively made the arrest, which did not give Pitt the time to escape the nickname, he continued to be of Mexican descent, detaining the condominium he lived in in Galle. However, no further seizures were seen in the framework of the drug smuggler’s fall action.

Authorities say the drug smuggler entered the country in February this year. Jose Maria C மெrdoba in Medellin with a woman who is his emotional companion through the airport.

The purpose of the man arrested today is to establish bridges between the Sinaloa cartel and Colombia, to commit crimes, and then to smuggle drugs into Central America.

After he was arrested, authorities said he was notified of the alias Pitt in a extradition request filed against him by the Southern District Court of California in the United States for plotting to import cocaine.

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The investigation reveals that the Mexican drug trafficker met with other criminals in private departments and negotiated the purchase and transportation of drugs from Colombia overseas for short hours. In 2018, it was also known that this material entered Colombia for a short time.

On Friday, President Ivan Duke signed an agreement to extradite Ottoniel, the former head of the Glan del Glofo, to North America for drug trafficking, in connection with the next shipments of Sinaloa Cardinal’s ambassador to Colombia, alias Pitt. .

Othnial case

Ottoniel was captured by the general army in Uraba, Antioch. Today he is being held at the Dijin facility in West Bogot, under intensive security measures.

The Duke signed the deed after all legal proceedings had been completed. “I’ve signed the deportation of Ottoniel, the worst drug trafficker and criminal in Colombia’s recent history. The country’s companies are showing their strength and power,” Duke said on his Twitter account.

In the last few hours, before a trip to Duke, Poyca, Deiro Antonio Usuka mentions the name Ottoniel, where he presents a work program with a construction workshop.

On that occasion, and on the presidential plane, the Colombian president was strong in pointing it out “That sewer rat” Will be handed over to US judicial authorities as soon as possible.

“Now that this process is complete, the next step is our signature. We are going to deport that criminal, that robber, that insect, that sewer ratSaid the Duke.

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