The Judiciary will conduct a criminal investigation into the constructions carried out at Bahía Jobos in Salinas

The Department of Justice The Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is under investigation for allegations of invasion and construction. SalinasThis afternoon, Wednesday, the Secretary announced Domingo Emanuelle Hernandez.

This information comes after the former governor candidate and activist Eliezer Molina Owners of trailers or mobile homes are located in the Los Indias area, on land surrounding Los Marias. SalinasThey are being removed from the area following complaints of environmental damage in the area.

Construction and occupation of land owned by Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA), is already investigating the matter.

As part of the judicial inquiry, prosecutors Zayla N. Diaz Morales And Roxanne Rivera Cintron They will request the relevant agencies to provide a certified copy of the file and any document they have in connection with this case.

At the request of DNER, in October 2021, the Justice Department explained in a statement that they had granted an exemption, allowing the agency to hire private legal representation to prosecute at the civil level.

“As far as I know, a few months after taking office as Secretary of Justice, the case has been pending in the Civil Secretariat since August 2020. It has been assessed by the agency’s attorneys based on information provided by the department. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Public Works cannot initiate criminal proceedings.” The officer said.

A meeting was held yesterday with the heads and representatives of several government agencies dealing with various aspects related to the situation.

In the Ecological Archive, the residential area has been developed Campers, Without the permission of the government agencies apparently involved. For these works, the swamps are cut and the sea-landscape is filled.

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Since 2015 the situation has been reported to the DNER and what has been examined is, if any, why no action has been taken to prevent the constructions from determining possible environmental violations.

The Bahía Jobos National Estourine Reserve is part of Puerto Rico’s second largest estuary. It stretches between the municipalities of Guyama and Salinas and its land was acquired in 1981 by DNER. Shortly afterwards, the area was designated a National Reserve. National Maritime and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Associate Manager of Agency Land.

The government’s actions come a few days later Citizens Success Movement (MVC), Mariana KnucklesSince 2018, NOAA has been “warning” the DNER that it is interfering with the security and research objectives of the protected area.

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