The Great Barrier Reef’s Outlook Declared “Very Poor” as per a Federal New Report

The Great Barrier Reef, listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site has been reported as being downgraded from poor to very poor in its outlook as per a five-year report by the Federal Government, coaxing people to act.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) published a report recently, the findings of which were described by its chairman Ian Poiner as “sobering”. The chances of the world-famous reef survival are m21inimal without proper local, national and global action. Climate change once again is wreaking havoc here.

Efforts to alleviate the threat are necessary over the next decade, if any semblance of balance needs to be achieved. The report states, “without additional local, national and global action on the greatest threats, the overall outlook for the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem will remain very poor, with continuing consequences for its heritage values also”.

The barrier reef in the recent past has been flooded with multiple issues like coral bleaching events, cyclones and warmer water. “Cumulative pressures, predominantly from climate change, combined with the time required for the recovery of key habitats, species and ecosystem processes, have caused the continued deterioration of the overall health of the Great Barrier Reef,” said Mr. Poiner.

The problem also lies in the system appointed to reverse this. According to the report, there is multi-tiered governance and management issue, which causes an impediment in strengthening efforts. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority chief scientist Dr David Wachenfeld said no stones should be left unturned in addressing it.”Gradual sea temperature increase and extremes, such as marine heat waves, are the most immediate threats to the reef,” he said.